The Winged Caduceus Award is bestowed upon an ASER Gold Medalist in recognition of exemplary, career-long service to the Society and the field of emergency radiology. The Winged Caduceus, staff of the Greek god Hermes, messenger of the gods, was chosen as the symbol for this award to emphasize commerce and negotiation. The Winged Caduceus symbolizes the recipient’s achievements in advancing the Society’s mission to a national and international audience. Since this award is reserved for those who exhibit exemplary service over many years, it is anticipated that the Executive Committee will award it infrequently, perhaps once or twice per decade.

2019 Winged Caduceus Recepient
Dr. Stuart Mirvis, MD, FACR, FASER

2015 Winged Caduceus Recepient
Dr. Bob Novelline, MD, FACR, FASER

Selection Criteria:

  • Previous Gold Medalist
  • Many years of continuous of service to ASER beyond expected term of service on Executive Committee
  • Verifiable evidence of the candidate’s achievements in advancing ASER’s mission nationally and internationally

Recipients will receive the following:

  • A crystal award with a modern depiction of the caduceus engraved on it.
  • Presentation by an ASER member at the Awards Ceremony at the Annual Meeting