The Gold Medal may be awarded periodically by the Executive Committee in recognition of distinguished and exemplary service to the Society and/or the specialty that it represents.*

*The Honorary Awards Committee will propose Gold Medalist candidates to the Executive Committee.

Gold Medal Recipients†

2018 Mark P. Bernstein, MD*
2017 Charles Luttenton, MD, FACR*
2016 Wayne S. Kubal, MD
2015 Susan D. John, MD, FACR
2014 K. Shanmuganathan, MD
2013 Stephen F. Hatem, MD
2012 not awarded 
2011 Anthony J. Wilson, MBChB
2010 Leonard E. Swischuk, MD, FACR
2009 O. Clark West, MD, FACR
2008 Carlos J. Sivit, MD
2007 Lee F. Rogers, MD, FACR
2006 Stanford M. Goldman, MD, FACR
2005 F. A. Mann, MD
2004 Diego B. Nuñez, Jr., MD, MPH
2003 Stuart E. Mirvis, MD, FACR
2002 James T. Rhea, MD, MBA, FACR
2001 Stephen R. Baker, MD and Charles F. Mueller, MD
2000 Robert A. Novelline, MD, FACR
1999 John H. Harris, Jr., MD, DSc and Theodore E. Keats, MD  

Fellows of the American Society of Emergency Radiology (FASERs)