2018 Martin Gunn, MBChB, FRANZCR*
2017 Mark P. Bernstein, MD*
2016 Wayne S. Kubal, MD*
2015 Susan D. John, MD, FACR*
2014 C. Craig Blackmore, MD, MPH*
2013 Paul J. Chang, MD, FSIIM, Alasdair K. Conn, MD, F. A. Mann, MD*, Stuart E. Mirvis, MD, FACR*, Robert A. Novelline, MD, FACR*, Diego B. Nuñez, MD, MPH*, and O. Clark West, MD, FACR*
2012 Aaron Sodickson, MD, PhD*
2011 Stephen Ledbetter, MD, MPH*
2010 Joseph S. Yu, MD, FACR*
2009 O. Clark West, MD, FACR*
2008 Diego B. Nuñez, MD, MPH*
2007 Carlos J. Sivit, MD*
2006 K. Shanmuganathan, MD*
2005 Stanford M. Goldman, MD*
2004 Leonard E. Swischuk, MD*
2003 Dr. George Y. El-Khoury, MD
2002 F. A. Mann, MD*
2001 Salvatore J. A. Sclafani, MD
2000 Anthony J. Wilson, MBChB*
1999 Stuart E. Mirvis, MD, FACR*
1998 James T. Rhea, MD, MBA, FACR*
1997 Stephen R. Baker, MD*
1996 Robert A. Novelline, MD*
1995 Jeremy Hollerman, MD
1994 Charles F. Mueller, MD*
1993 Quentin N. Anderson, MD
1992 Theodore E. Keats, MD†
1991 John H. Harris, Jr., MD, DSc*
1990 James McCort, MD

 *Fellow of the American Society of Emergency Radiology (FASER)