Fellow. An active member whose primary professional interest is in the field of emergency radiology or who has made significant contributions to the field, and whose credentials are acceptable to the Fellowship Committee.


Dr. Hani Abujudeh
Associate Professor of Radiology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Camden, NJ

Dr. Anjali Agrawal
Teleradiology Solutions
Delhi, India

Dr. Krystal Archer-Arroyo
Assistant Professor in the Division of Emergency and Trauma Imaging
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Ludo Beenen
Department of Radiology
Academic Medical Center
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dr. Eric A. Roberge
Chief of Radiology; Assistant Professor of Radiology
Madigan Army Medical Center
Tacoma, WA


Hani Abujudeh, MD
Anjali Agrawal, MD
Krystal Archer-Arroyo, MD
Carol S. Beatty, MD

Mats Beckman, MD
Ludo Beenen, MD

Ferco Berger, MD, FESER
Mark P. Bernstein, MD
Sanjeev Bhalla, MD
Ronald M. Bilow, MD
C. Craig Blackmore, MD, MPH
Paul J. Bode, MD
Jamal A. J. Syed Bokhari, MD

Eric A. Brandser, MD
Gordon C. Carson III, MD
Suzanne T. Chong, MD, MS
Richard H. Daffner, MD
Gary H. Danton, MD, PhD

Angelo M. DelBalso, MD, DDS, FACR
Peter E. Doris, MD
Carmen EnDress, MD
William A. Finger, MD
Elliot K. Fishman, MD
Andrew I. Gelbman, DO, PhD
Stanford M. Goldman, MD, FACR
Rosalinda Gonzalez-Taull, MD
Gretchen A. W. Gooding, MD
Joel A. Gross, MD
Martin L. Gunn, MBChB, FRANZCR
John H. Harris, Jr., MD, DSc
David B. Haseman, MD
Stephen F. Hatem, MD
Robin D. Hines, MD
Susan D. John, MD, FACR
Jamlik-Omari Johnson, MD
Michele H. Johnson, MD, FACR
Douglas S. Katz, MD, FACR
Digna R. Kool, MD
Seppo K. Koskinen, MD, PhD
Wayne S. Kubal, MD
Manickam Kumaravel, MD, FRCR

James N. Lawrason, MD
Stephen Ledbetter, MD, MPH
Bertil Leidner, MD
Ken F. Linnau, MD, MS
Anthony R. Lupetin, MD
Charles R. Luttenton, MD, FACR
Dean D. T. Maglinte, MD
F. A. Mann, MD
Stuart E. Mirvis, MD, FACR
Charles F. Mueller, MD
Felipe Munera, MD
Savvas Nicolaou, MD, FRCPC
Robert A. Novelline, MD, FACR
Diego B. Nuñez, MD, MPH

Michael Patlas, MD, FRCPC
Fabio Pinto, MD
Thomas Ptak, MD, PhD, MPH
Sravanthi Reddy, MD
James T. Rhea, MD, MBA, FACR
Eric A. Roberge, MD
Lee F. Rogers, MD, FACR
Myer H. Roszler, MD
Richard Sacknoff, MD
Mariano Scaglione, MD
William W. Scott, Jr., MD
Robert J. Sefczek, MD
K. Shanmuganathan, MD
Ira Silberman, AB, MD
Carlos J. Sivit, MD
Clint W. Sliker, MD
Aaron D. Sodickson, MD, PhD
Jorge A. Soto, MD
Scott Steenburg, MD
Leonard E. Swischuk, MD, FACR
James M. Tallman, MD, FACR
Josef C. Wenker, MD
O. Clark West, MD, FACR
Anthony J. Wilson, MBChB
Joseph S. Yu, MD, FACR
Ronald J. Zagoria, MD, FACR
Michael I. Zucker, MD